Corla McGillvary 017-Edit-EditTime to change how you do things and how you prioritize your time ! What job do you “dread “ doing and yet you know that it is crucial to doing business. Did you know that if you let go of the little things to someone that is competent you will have more time to FOCUS on the things that inspire you? What was the part of your business that got you excited in the first place? Where is your passion?

At Byzwitt Management Services we want to help you to help your business to grow and expand.

Are you one of the countless business owners who are so stuck in the daily grind that you can’t actually focus on company growth? It’s never too late to break that cycle.

We know what that feels like because we have been business owners and we want to help you put some systems in place that divert the work load away from one person. In the E Myth they talk about businesses that have little to no value without the person that “holds the key” … the recipe or the technique that is that “special ingredient” that no one else can provide. That is all fine and well until you need a holiday and no one else can do your job ! Or, until you are ready to retire or sell and no one is interested in #1 putting in the hours that you did or #2 has the same passion to your ideals in business.

BYZWITT believes in the benefits for you and your business….

  • Relationship based on trust, respect and communication
  • Committed to helping YOU succeed
  • Complete security of your information. Confidentiality and strong business ethics.
  • No office to furnish
  • No payroll, benefits or taxes to pay
  • Pay only for time and materials spent on a project
  • Freedom from repetitive tasks!

Hosting and Domain needs!!!

We have stepped into the hosting and domain product offering for our peeps.  This will give us the opportunity to better serve our clients management needs by better control of the backend for the websites that we build and service for them.  You can purchase through my GoDaddy liaison account, click this link image… or you can use BlueHost in the left sidebar if you prefer.  I can work with any account you prefer to use.


 “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” – Bruce Lee